torsdag 29. april 2010

Still here in Las Palmas!

We are still here, preparing for the next step. We think it will be Brazil somewhere, if we are not stopping at the Cape Verde Islands. But first we must do a few things, like installing an extra solar panel, repair some scratches on the bow.., change a broken piece of the watermaker, hook up the SSB, install the Hydrovane... And Ingeborg and Thorstein have a period of more intense studies as we don't know how easy it will be while we are underway. Well, we have to know where we are also, so last week-end we rented a car to see more of the island. We drove down to the south where we had been with the boat earlier. Walked around in Playa del Ingles and in Arguinegin together with all the tourists. Then we headed north, through the mountains and found some of the very "scenic routes". Some road blocks were poorly marked so we ended up with some detours. But it was a wonderful landscape, strange rock formations and the view over to Tenerife and Teide behind clouds and mist. A remote finca had put up a stall by the road where they sold wine, honey and various other of their produces. We bought a bottle of wine but haven't tasted it yet. I'm afraid it won't gain much from storage.. so we'll taste it before we leave. We have also seen that there is a museum presenting the original inhabitants of the islands here in Las Palmas, Pueblo Canarias. I hope we find time to visit before we leave.


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