tirsdag 6. april 2010

Las Palmas!

We have arrived safely in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, after a smooth sail from Gibraltar. Originally we planned to stop for a day in Lanzarote, but after a couple of days at anchor south of Isla Graciosa we decided to go directly to Gran Canaria. Anniken, Ingeborgs friend will arrive tomorrow, and we didn't want to have a too tight time schedule. The summer has arrived also, with a forecast of sunny days and 20 degC all of next week.
As indicated the weather has been good for sailing over the Easter week. Even if the first days were a bit too calm and later it was a bit rolly with the Atlantic swells. But all in all within the limits of what is good sailing conditions. We have tried the cruising chute and the mizzen staysail for the first time. Really, colorful and nice sails for the light winds of the first days. We have seen a lot of dolphins, and even observed how they were surfing just below the surface when the waves was big enough.. It looked as if they had a real good time, too!
More scary was it to encounter a fishing boat that must have sunk just before we came. Only the tip of the bow was above the surface, while another fishing boat was patroling the area to make sure no-one would hit the wreck!

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