mandag 9. november 2009

Short visit to Norway!

A couple of weeks ago it was finally decided that the repairs should be done by Rigging Mar in Mallorca. Then at last the new mast could be ordered from Z-spars. It will take another 3-4 weeks before the new mast arrives and can be stepped on Sirius. We are getting quite impatient, but doen't really have any problem finding things to do! Reading, school work, running, swimming, shopping.. Watching Spanish TV for language training and DVD films every night. We have decided to keep the boat in Ibiza until we know that they are ready to do the work in Mallorca, and found it was a good time for a visit to Norway for all of us! We spent a couple of days in Barcelona before heading north, but now we are in Porsgrunn! Ingeborg is at school, Thorstein is with a friend, Stein is at work and I will do a little of everthing.. Later this week we will go to Trondheim to meet up with family there. It's a long time since we last saw them! We go back to Ibiza on the 23., and then it's hopefully not long before we can go back to Mallorca. Christmas in Gibraltar, may be.. We'll see.